26 Sep 2003
Edition Works presented Ai Yamaguchi's collection of etchings "Sukutoko " in Los Angeles.
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Ai Yamaguchi's collection of etchings "Sukutoko " was presented in the one person show of the same name in Los Angeles. (Sponsored by shu uemura, All Nippon Airways Co Ltd , Sapporo Breweries Ltd and Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co Ltd.)
The exhibition runs until 4 October at Roberts & Tilton. It is in an area called West Hollywood, which is where a numbers of galleries are gathered. If you happen to be on holiday here please take a look!
Roberts & Tilton 150 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca, 90048, U.S.A.
Tel: +1-323- 549 -0223 Fax: +1-323-549- 0224

An incredibly large number of people attended the opening and it was a great success. The reception to the work was
especially good and all the paintings sold out on the first day. The collection of etchings "Sukutoko " were exhibited, as shown in the photographs, in a way so as to bring out the atmosphere within the mural. There are twelve etchings in all and they are presented in an acrylic case, somewhat like a treasure box. The initial reception to these was also very favorable. Even in Japan, Yamaguchi's work has still not received great recognition, so we hope, through these photographs that you will be able to gain a better idea about her work. In addition, there is also a review of the exhibition to be found in ARTNET magazine

Yamaguchi and the staff members of ninyu works, on the eve of the opening, putting the finishing touches to the mural.
As the making of the mural is in progression, Yamaguchi also checks the arrangement of the collection of twelve etchings, "Sukutoko ".
After this she decided the order of the prints and the hand coloring of one print.
The evening of the opening.
The mural covers the whole gallery. This is the corridor from the entrance to the main gallery.
There are a number of galleries here. They also held their opening parties and so there were a large number of people present.
People chatting, surrounded by the atmosphere of the life size mural. Like a picture scroll, while looking at the mural from right to left it follows a format of tracking time. And so as we finish we can begin again and continue.
Different shaped paintings are mounted onto the mural.
Each painting is independent of the others.
Dionysus like, a turtle emerges dramatically into the scene.
The collection of etchings "Sukutoko" are exhibited in their present state, unframed, and can be viewed directly. Alongside the transparent, white, acrylic box the twelve just completed etchings are in place.
In the foreground are the series of etchings and in the background, the work "Sukutoko".
The mural is so big and extends to every corner of the gallery. However, when the exhibition draws to a close the mural will be erased. The size and colorfulness of the girls, which are painted all over the mural, contrast with the small, monochrome work. It is almost as though the mural "Sukutoko" has changed form and has been contained in the box.
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