03 SEP 2004

News this month:

・Ai Yamaguchi at work on the "Sukutoko" etchings.

・Yuji Akatsuka begins some new lithographs.



. This is the title of Ai Yamaguchi's one person show in Los Angeles. It is also the title of the collection of etchings Yamaguchi made at Edition Works. The exhibition will run from 6 September until 4 October at Roberts & Tilton, a building in the West Hollywood area where a number of galleries are gathered. If you are holiday, please take a look!
Roberts & Tilton 150 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca, 90048, U.S.A.
Tel: +1-323- 549 -0223 Fax: +1-323-549- 0224

In this exhibition, along with the etchings, a mural and paintings will be exhibited. Twelve very small etchings and drypoints have been printed with chine - colle' on different colored, postcard size washi. Yamaguchi plans to hand color some of the prints.

Yamaguchi at the workshop making
"Sukutoko". While observing the proofs, she uses a burnisher* to control the strength and weakness of lines already drawn with a needle**.

*Burnisher: tool for polishing or smoothing out the copper plate
**Needle: tool used for drawing on the copper plate in etching and drypoint

Yuji Akatsuka

Yuji Akatsuka has begun to make some lithographs. As a general plan, in what direction the work will go has yet to be decided, but for the present he is at the stage of drawing and proofing.
Akatsuka has made his own lithographs before but with Edition Works, for nearly ten years, he has been making etchings. There is a sense that a new development will emerge with a change in technique.

Yuji Akatsuka works on some lithographs.
Improvising, he keeps arranging and re-arranging the torn papers of his drawing, and with the developing image he paints on the aluminium plate. This time he uses tusche* only.

*Tusche: Sumi ink used for lithographs. Generally, sumi ink for calligraphy comes in stick form, is dissolved in water used for the making of sumi, and used as is.

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