View from 13 thoughts


Miyuki Tsugami

津上みゆきの油彩画シリーズ『 View - 13 thoughts, 2010-12 』は、3.11が発生した2011年をまたいで13作品が制作されました。




View from 13 thoughts

技 法    :水性木版・リトグラフ 
用 紙    :白鳳 
medium : water-based wood cut, lithograph
paper : Hakuho (Japanese papar)
Edition :30 A.P. : 5, P.P. : 1, B.A.T. : 1, H.C. : 1

image size;600x600mm
sheet size :720x720mm
price:シート ¥105,000(sheet)
    額付 ¥126,000 (framed)

※上記の価格は改定前のものです。2014年4月以降の新価格をPRICE LISTにて必ずご確認下さい。

Miyuki Tsugami's oil painting series "13 thoughts, 2010-12" was made in two years that include the period of the large earth quake, the tsunami and the nuclear accident. Tsugami has been painting the "landscape" always. But after "3.11", she couldn't have the same point of view to see the landscape, even if it were the unchanged landscape at a glance.
To advance as a painter, she had to go on painting and accomplish this series.
This time, from the sketches for this painting series, we chose a couple of sketches as motifs and realized two woodcut prints. Those prints give us so direct and strong impression as if those were created in the real scenery.

View from 13 thoughts, April

7版多色  7 plates, multi-color

View from 13 thoughts, April 額装 (framed)

View from 13 thoughts, October

6版多色  6 plates, multi-color
View from 13 thoughts, October 額装 (framed)

Tsugami curves the wooden plate.

The color is put with a brush making gradations.

Printing process.